Anonymous asked:

What in that message made you think I wanted to start a relationship or start messaging with you? I'm realy confused why you just posted all of that when all I asked was how many followers you had...

I don’t want relationship.  I won’t  answer anyone who shows up Anonymous.  I have ruffly 259 followers. 

Anonymous asked:

Umm i wasn't the one harassing you, i was just wondering how many followers u had! Sorry!!

Ok here is how this is gonna work.  I’m gonna give you a whole bunch of info and we will take it from there.

Now remember I’m not there person who made the original mean comment.  So I’m gonna try to make nice.

Yes I’m old.  I talk and treat all people the way they treat me.  I try to be a positive person.  I’m open minded and talk about almost anything.  Music - no Justin Bieber is not real music and I hate to say that he’s from my country.  Cars, Fashion, Etc.

I don’t flirt with ladies under 25.  I also treat a lady like a lady and won’t go farther than they are willing to go.  If under 25 well I keep the topics friendly and clean.

I’m also on Facebook & Twitter.  But that will come with time.

I have 3 grandsons with Autism.  A new granddaughter who will turn 1 in Nov.  I’ve been with my wife 25 yrs actually married for 10.  Due to disabilities, MS and Leukemia, I’m not allowed to work.

As for music I have been playing 44 yrs and play most instruments with strings.

This is what I’m willing to share.

I’m willing to message with you a total of 10 times to see where this goes, but I have to know who I’m talking with.  That is only fare.

Anonymous asked:

How many followers do u have?

I’m not going to put up with this any more. Either say or show who you are or leave me alone. This is starting to walk a fine line between stalking and harrassment.

Anonymous asked:

You're a 50 year old man with a tumblr - something made for 16 year old girls. Get a life.

That is strong messaging from an unknown person. Be a grown up and say who you are. I have MS & Cancer. I don’t have time or need to be harrassed by a petty small person such as you. Have a great life.




1962 Corvair Rampside Greenbrier - The Portland Stamp Library, Portland, OR

This peculiar looking cab forward pickup was Chevy’s answer to the VW Kombi. Like the kombi, it has a rear mounted, air cooled engine. Unlike the VW however, it had a V6 and was available with the unique rampside feature you can see on this model.

For more original photography of Oregon cars, go to

The engine wasn’t a V6.  It was a flat 6, or a boxer 6.  The engine more closely resembled a Volkswagen engine, but with two additional cylinders.  The ramp wasn’t as useful as a tailgate and it didn’t sell as well as pickup trucks did.  Even the Ford Econoline cabover pickup truck versions sold better. 

I want one to go with the wife’s 1964 Corvair Convertible.

Next year has a couple of milestones for my wife and I.  25 years together, I turn 50 and I will be nice and not say for her.

So now with no budget, what can we do? 

We have talk of travel, but that is such a wide spectrum?




At A Glance:

Brand: Rocky Patel

Blend: Decade 10th Anniversary

Size: Torpedo (6.5” x 52/64)

A top-secret blend, with undisclosed filler and binder. All that’s really known about it is the Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper.

It’s been so long since I actually typed up a review that I…

I have never done a review but rest assured this is one of my top 5 cigars.



     Meet SA-500D, the first Saturn V rocket. Wernher von Braun designed her as the dynamic test article for the program. She was assembled stage by stage inside the Dynamic Test Stand at NASA Marshall Spaceflight Center, then subjected to lateral, longitudinal, and torsional vibrations equal of that of launch for a total of 450 hours.

     The first time I visited SA-500D in 1999, she was outside on the US Space and Rocket Center property. Her paint was faded and worn, having sat there since 1969. In 2005, full restoration began, and she was moved inside her new facility, the Davidson Center for Space Exploration in Huntsville, Alabama. I’m happy to report that as of Sunday, July 27, 2014, she looks great. Viewing the newly restored rocket is magnitudes more impactful. The difference is incredible.